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Positive Reinforcement Training
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For clicker trainers of all species of trainees!
This is a community for anyone who is interested in positive-reinforcement training of any kind.

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of Clicker Training or Positive Reinforcement Training, here are some good resources to read before you start posting:

ClickerTraining.com: Karen Pryor's page. Full of good articles for all kinds of animals. You can also purchase books, videos, and kits to help you get started.

Click and Treat: Gary Wilkes' page. Step-by-step "how to" articles to introduce you to concepts and guide you through the process. Focused on dogs, but the concepts apply to everyone.

Operant Conditioning Part 1 and Part 2: A good explanation of the basic principles of Operant Conditioning, including why positive reinforcement works best.

Bird-Click: a Yahoo! group for bird trainers. A great place to ask for advice on bird training. Their files include a ton of great articles, trick ideas, and pictures of birds in action.

Good Bird Magazine: A positive-reinforcement magazine focused on birds.

Cat Clicker: A clicker group for cat trainers.

positivelydog: A dog-focused positive-reinforcement training community

Clicker Training for Rabbits and other small pets, too! This site has great articles and videos.

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